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Image by Tobias Keller

Why Horses?

We Help Groups and Individuals Re-connect, Re-align Through Nature and Transform their Lives

The Science Behind Equine - Therapy

Image by Raphael Wicker

Why Horses?

  1. Horses are highly sensitive and intuitive beings

  2. They communicate through their sensing bodies (energy, vibrations, sounds, smells, gut feeling) 

  3. They are Present and constantly aware and therefore they offer us a safe place to practice the same

  4. They are Internally oriented and able to receive vibrations-energy from the environment and become a mirror of our emotional being

  5. Clients are able to interact with the horses without feeling judgment or interpretation by another person

Image by Daniel Krueger

When We Become More Horse Like...


Open our hearts



See beyond words and actions



Become more intuitive 



Sense body language and energy



Become one Herd – We lead and work together towards one common goal


Enhance  communication skills


Master Teamwork


We are able to align goals with actions


Relieve burnout and reconnect with nature






Other Benefits

  1. Overcoming challenges in a non threatening atmosphere

  2. Improved communication and social skills

  3. Responsibility and accountability

  4. Problem solving and cooperation

  5. Self control and confidence

  6. Respect for self and others

  7. Boundary setting

  8. Empathy towards others

  9. Honesty and trust

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